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ExFed authors of High Velocity Suspense bring their expertise as a former Special Agent with NCIS and as a former Federal prosecutor, to write critiques of weekly NCIS episodes and to encourage discussion from NCIS fans. Diane and David Munson are authors of seven Christian thrillers, which like NCIS  episodes are "stand alone" and in which the cast of characters reappear.

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2012 Jul 10 – New comments of NCIS episode, Enemy on the Hill

Tonight’s NCIS episode, “Enemy on the Hill,” (originally run on 10/11/11) starts out with a bang, grabbing our attention. Can you imagine trying to avoid a reporter’s questions only to be hit by a van? However, sympathies for the victim are quickly extinguished when we discover he is a contract killer. His next target is a Lieutenant Commander who is a Legislative Fellow on Capitol Hill, by all accounts a hero. But is he really? 

Sometimes we suspect NCIS is spying on us and our writing for ideas. Why? David served as a Congressional Fellow for two years in Washington, D.C., and walked the same halls as the Naval attaché. Also in our latest thriller, The Joshua Covenant, CIA Agent Bo Rider discovers new family secrets, just as Abby did tonight. For those of you with a hankering to read a story about kidney donations, check out our second thriller Confirming Justice. 

Some of you may know that the woman whose picture is in Abby’s locket is Pauley Perrette’s (Abby) mother who died in 2002. Watch for more about Abby and her brother in the upcoming season. He looks so much like her, but Daniel Louis Rivas is not her brother. In fact he is Pauley’s former boyfriend in real life, who people mistook for her brother. What fun. 

As for the investigation into the contract hit, Tony seemed at the top of his game, slicing in new evidence like a boxer with a strong left hook. McGee offered many funny lines, but wore a pouty face when Tony stayed one step ahead of him. Guess what guys? You are both “Special NCIS Agents.” Gibbs acted distracted by Abby’s issues and Ziva allowed herself to be locked in the stairwell, which is so unlike her usual laser-like focus. To top off the stunning conclusion, Gibbs is there for Abby in her distress. We appreciate how he tells her that she is not alone. “Abby, you have a family. We’ll help you through it!” 

Bottom line … aren’t we NCIS fans a part of their family? As we meet men and women across this great land, we are struck by the genuine connection we have with those who also love the show. It’s a curious phenomenon. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be and why? For all who make a comment we will enter you in a drawing for our soon-to-be released thriller, “Night Flight.” We will randomly pick two winners from all who comment by 8 p.m., 7/11/12. 

Stay tuned and be Blessed!

Diane and David


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2016 Jan 05 NCIS Critique of “Sister City”

Started by Diane and David Munson Jan 7, 2016. 0 Replies

We’ve written in the past how we don’t enjoy NCIS episodes that are so long they have to be continued on another night. The writers accommodated us last night as the main NCIS show continued over…Continue

2012 Jul 17 Critique of rerun of NCIS episode, “Safe Harbor”

Started by Diane and David Munson. Last reply by Diane and David Munson Jul 18, 2012. 2 Replies

We have some great news for NCIS fans. Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, and Sean Murray have each signed contracts to reappear on NCIS this fall! The whole team will be together once again for…Continue

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Comment by Diane and David Munson on April 18, 2017 at 10:57pm

2017 Apr 18 NCIS Critique of “One Book, Two Covers”

Undercover cases don’t make usually good episodes because in real life the undercover operations last long term and don’t fit well into the forty minutes plus commercials of the average episode. In tonight’s episode, One Book, Two Covers, writer David J. North used a flashback to weave one of Agent Torres’ undercover cases to spin a really good tale. In the end, the episode could have been titled “Redemption” as it featured the redemption of Agent Torres, which in many respects parallels the redemption of the life of Leroy Jethro Gibbs after a misdeed early in his career.

In this episode, a young Marine joined a dirt bike gang who were robbing banks. He was killed when he was no longer of any use to them. Agent Torres discovers it’s the same gang he’d infiltrated years before as a new NCIS agent. Torres is reunited with Royce, a gang member who Torres flipped and who testified against the gang in exchange for being placed in the Witness Protection Program instead of prison. Drama escalates when Royce blackmails Torres because he knows Torres planted evidence against the gang’s leader. In the end, Gibbs confronts Torres to learn the details of Torres’ early career indiscretions. Unlike some supervisors, Gibbs refuses to report Torres’ mistake and exonerates him.

A huge error occurs when Torres’ is alone with Royce in Royce’s home to confront and arrest him. Gibbs and Agent Alex Quinn are outside providing surveillance. Royce knocks Torres out and escapes on a dirt bike. Gibbs and Quinn pursue Royce and nobody goes to help Torres. At a minimum, Quinn should have gotten out of the car to check on Torres.

David worked many undercover cases during his career and developed personal relationships with the criminals whom he later arrested. Some became protected witnessed. Some went to prison and later contacted Dave. There is a strange respect that develops between the hunter and the hunted. It’s not always hostile. This episode brought back many memories. Many of these experiences of David are highlighted in our suspense novel, “Facing Justice.”

Despite the one flub, we give the show 5 stars, not only for the exciting action, but also for the deep and personal connection that is achieved between Gibbs and Torres. What do you think?   

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on March 28, 2017 at 10:42pm

2017 Mar 28 NCIS Critique of “The Wall”

Tonight’s episode was inspired when an elderly veteran took an Honor Trip to Washington, D.C. to see the monuments. His granddaughter-in law is Gina Lucita Monreal, the writer of this episode. Gina fictionalizes a Vietnam era Marine Corps Sergeant named Henry Rogers (he says he is no relation to the sweater-wearing Mr. Rogers) and tells the story through his eyes. When the active duty marine who is assigned to be his escort dies mysteriously, Henry becomes the reluctant witness who is detained against his will. British MI6 officer Clayton Reeves is assigned by Gibbs to babysit Henry. Problems develop when circumstances reveal how Henry and Officer Reeves have similar psychological hang-ups. Both are loners. Leroy Jethro Gibbs assumes the role of mediating between the two, and it begins to look like a recovery group for misfits.


The investigation determines the Marine was really poisoned. The investigation that follows is used as a means to honor our nation’s veterans and also the Honor Flight Network. Such highlights are interspersed with the usual drama that unfolds as the team searches for the killer. We viewers find out more about the close-knit family the NCIS agents have become to each other. The ridiculous efforts by McGee and Bishop to determine if Torres and Quinn were once romantically linked are somewhat juvenile. It’s interesting and heartwarming how Henry (the witness) analyzes Officer Reeves and determines that he’s a loner too, which coincides with Reeves’ request to leave the NCIS team for another more dangerous overseas assignment. Gibbs as always, is one step ahead of Reeves. He sees what is developing and in a great ending, perhaps one of the best ever on the NCIS show, affirms Reeves decision to remain in the group.


The most laudable part of the episode features the many older vets who’ve been traveling to the nation’s capital to pay tribute to their colleagues who gave their lives in defense of the nation. Tonight’s is a tribute to Vietnam Veteran’s and focuses on the Vietnam Memorial, a long wall made of granite and inscribed with the 58,286 Americans who died or are still missing from the Vietnam War. Many of you may have fought in that war or know soldiers and airmen who did. Many of you may have taken a piece of paper and a pencil to trace the name of a loved one as Sergeant Rogers did this evening. We have also gone to the memorial to pay our respects.


Justice is finally achieved with help from the entire team. Recognition is also given to our veteran’s and active-duty military in a touching way. Kudos to the writers and producers of tonight’s show. Very well done.


Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on March 14, 2017 at 11:30pm

2017 Mar 14 Critique of NCIS episode “M.I.A.”

Thank you Jennifer Corbett for writing the script for this episode of NCIS. Just when we think the show has passed its prime, writers like you come up with a great story line. Tonight’s show brings up events and people from the past in Gibbs’ life when one of his former commanding officers asks Gibbs to help his terminally ill daughter, Navy Lt. Laura Ellison, who thinks one of her subordinate sailors who fell overboard was actually murdered.


The story involves a Navy ship that was patrolling the coastline of South America looking for drug running ships. It is a realistic portrayal. U.S. Navy ships are used in this way, usually with a team of Coast Guard officers on board to transform the military ship into a law enforcement mission. Tonight’s suspicious death involved cocaine transferred from a suspect drug smuggling ship onto the Navy ship, and U.S. Navy sailors stealing a single package of cocaine worth $25,000. David could relate to the illicit drug scenario from his many years as a Drug Enforcement Agent. Because the sailors offloaded the captured drugs to DEA, David was heartened there were not any crooked DEA agents on the show.


As Jennifer Corbett wrote the episode, she dug another skeleton from the closet when Gibbs assigns NCIS Agent Nick Torres to the hospital room of Lt. Laura Ellison as a protection detail. Tension sizzles in the air as Torres nearly becomes insubordinate, arguing with Gibbs. It’s obvious to us the viewers that Torres doesn’t want to go. Then a whole new emotional angle develops. Lt. Ellison confronts Torres with her belief that he suffered the loss of someone he loved to terminal cancer. The show has the correct balance of investigation and the strong emotion that develops within a close knit investigative team. The only flaw in the show was when Agents Gibbs and Quinn confront their suspect on a ladder aboard ship (that’s a set of stairs) for you landlubbers. They in interrogate their suspect in the presence of other sailors, which would never be done.


That being said, the lighthearted back and forth banter among the four agents at the diner about upcoming marathon training reminded us of how we season our suspense novels with humor. We loved the twist at the end where Agent Quinn admitted she has no speed. Rather, she beat Tim and Ellie because she took an Uber car to catch up with them. What a hoot. In the end, Gibbs knew exactly what Torres needed. And do you agree, we all need a good laugh after this heart wrenching drama about cancer?


Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on March 7, 2017 at 10:49pm

2017 Mar 07 - Critique of NCIS episode, ‘What Lies Above’

Not bad. This was an entertaining show, but once again the first question is, did NCIS have jurisdiction to investigate a shooting in the apartment that Tony DiNozzo once occupied and where Tim McGee now lives with his fiancée Delilah. Some viewers might say there wasn’t jurisdiction, but what about “assault on a Federal Agent”? After all, McGee was shot at. He killed a burglar in his apartment while returning fire. Wrong! McGee wasn’t on duty at the time, and for an assault on a Federal Agent to be an actual crime, it has to happen during conduct of his official duties. In reality, the Washington Metropolitan police should have investigated. Aside from having the wrong investigators, the writers did a pretty good job.


We were treated to some feisty drama among the team members. Director Vance is being courted, in more ways than one, by the Congresswoman we criticized in our previous blog. She wants Vance to run for Congress, and as she told Gibbs earlier, she desires for Gibbs to be elevated to the Director’s position. Why?


And we have another question for you? What did y’all think about the constant debate between the NCIS team about whether McGee should ever tell Delilah about the never-ending murders in their apartment?  Dave thinks the actor who played the part of Paul Triff, the convict serving time for three murders, did a good job. His acting and mannerisms were similar to those of a sociopath. In the end, Director Vance realizes he’s too honest and too blunt to be a politician, and because of his bluntness, the Congresswoman cuts him loose. So he and Gibbs will stay in the jobs for which they are both best suited. Diane kept thinking the Congresswoman was involved in the diamond heist as her interest was beyond realistic. Their relationship was meant to show the conflict between the career employees and the politicians, which can impact the pursuit of justice at times.


On a final note, Diane has a message for McGee. Run and don’t walk away from that horrible apartment!


Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on February 21, 2017 at 11:22pm

2017 Feb 21 Critique of NCIS episode ‘A Many Splendored Thing’

We suffered through tonight’s episode of NCIS. It seemed schizophrenic. As we’ve written in the past, we keep hoping the writers and producers would move past the departure of some of NCIS’ best actors/characters and again produce real quality shows with the newly assembled cast. There have been a couple of episodes recently that encouraged us, but tonight’s was bad enough to make us wonder why we continue to watch and even critique them.

Have you ever heard it said, “If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.” With this critique, we’d like to stop at this point, yet some might wonder why we’ve written no more. So let us say this much.

Anyone who’s served in the military or government service understands the separation of power between the three branches of the U.S. government, i.e. Executive Branch, Judiciary (courts), and the Congress. The Executive Branch, which includes the military and the NCIS, is responsible for investigation and even collection of intelligence through the CIA. While the Congress authorizes the budgets and funding for the Executive agencies and even holds some oversight that permits the Congress to be briefed on what the agencies are doing, the Congress is NEVER involved in the investigations conducted by the agencies of the Executive Branch. To have a congresswoman from the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives giving orders to Director Vance and the CIA, and also having her show up in Gibbs’ basement is beyond absurd.

Tonight’s episode was just too painful to watch. There were some moments intended to show the emotional bond forming between the NCIS team members, but the ridiculous plot used to get to those scenes made no sense. If you never see another NCIS critique written by us, you can blame this episode.

We will keep commenting on news worthy events, and we have one coming up on a Russian spy ship lurking along the east coast so please stay tuned to our blog!

Be Blessed,

Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on February 7, 2017 at 10:05pm

2017 Feb 7 NCIS Critique of “Nonstop”

If you’ve recorded tonight’s episode of NCIS and you are wondering if it’s worth watching, the answer is yes. Unlike some episodes where it is gory and too complex for the one hour allotted, “Nonstop” is a light hearted suspense that includes Robert Wagner as Tony Di Nozzo Sr. He’s always a hit. As the story develops, Di Nozzo Sr. tells Gibbs that he came back to the U.S. after visiting Tony Jr. and his child Tallie in Paris and Sr. was in a funk. At Junior’s suggestion, Di Nozzo Sr. joined a Virginia Sheriff’s volunteer group of Sherlocks. Imagine that Junior was thinking his Dad would be driving around with another silver haired volunteer in a ‘volunteer posse’ checking for violators illegally parking in handicap spaces. That is not was his Dad was doing. He and two other volunteers (one an attractive female senior played by Jessica Walter) were actually sworn as special deputy sheriffs and the Sheriff was insisting on shared jurisdiction on an NCIS murder investigation in his county. Actually, NCIS would really have no jurisdiction in that case.


After a female Seaman returns home for deployment on a Navy ship, she is found dead in her home. As Gibbs and his team proceed with their investigation, they find the local Sheriff and DiNozzo Sr and the other volunteers insist on helping. It is nothing like what would happen in real life, but it does make for an hour of light-hearted fare. Gibbs solves the case using his wits. We understand there have been other “Sherlock” episodes in past years, which we haven’t seen. Let us hear from you how this one stacks up and also if you believe Tony Jr. will appear on NCIS again this season.


Whatever your plans might be for next week, here is a head’s up. NCIS fans will see part 1 of Pandora’s Box at the regular time, and part 2 will air on NCIS New Orleans at 10 pm. 


Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on January 17, 2017 at 11:22pm

2017 Jan 17 NCIS Critique of “Off The Grid”
Wow! They’re back. After the trauma of having Ziva and DiNozzo depart from the show, Gibbs’ reconstituted group has finally congealed. Tonight’s episode is well written and well acted. We really expected a continuation of the January 3rd episode (Willoughby) and the pursuit of a terrorist named Chen. Instead, while Ellie is distracted and examines files to locate the killer of her boyfriend, Gibbs has a chance meeting with the target of one of Gibbs’ undercover cases from years earlier. He instantly sheds himself of his badge and ID and approaches the guy. In a flash, he renews the acquaintance and engages the guy, all the while resuming his undercover investigation.
Everything the squad does to learn why Gibbs had disappeared is quite realistic. The efforts to locate Gibbs are believable and Torres’ jostling of Gibbs as an apparent pickpocket on the street is a clever method to give him a transmitter or ‘bug’. Once an undercover agent is wearing a transmitter, it’s much easier for the backup or surveillance agents to ensure his safety. This scenario brings back a flood of memories for David. Once while wearing a transmitter, and meeting with a suspect in a restaurant, the suspect insisted on searching him for a bug. Before he could, David hid the bug in a trashcan in the restaurant bathroom. Surveillance agents listened to endless toilet flushes before realizing he’d ditched the team and left the restaurant.
In our most recent novel, The Looming Storm, we describe some of those exciting undercover experiences of David through events in the life of our fictional character Griff Topping.
While tonight’s episode ended with Gibbs solving his old case, the search for Chen, the killer of Ellie’s boyfriend continues. Our guess is that it will be a thread that winds through several of the next episodes. Ellie will not have any closure until he is captured. What is your reaction? Did you enjoy tonight’s episode as much as we did?
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing, Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on January 3, 2017 at 11:49pm

2017 Jan 3 NCIS Critique of “Willoughby”
Our last blog was long because we shared a Washington Post article about a real live NCIS case. We wanted our readers to get an idea of how much work goes into a real case. So we thought that tonight’s episode of “Willoughby” would be a simple one-hour episode of a simpler case. Wrong! Instead we saw a pretty good spy thriller, which will most likely continue for one or two or more episodes. That is just what we’ve complained about in the past.

Without giving away too much of the plot for those who have recorded the program to watch later, we found the thread about Ellie’s concern that British MI6 agent Clayton Reeves has no friends was a metaphor for Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who is also a loner. Interesting too, that Gibbs encourages Agent Reeves and even coaches him how to close his eyes and remember good thoughts when he becomes sad. Reeves then shares this pearl of wisdom with Ellie when she really needs it. Agent Reeves also confided in Gibbs why he signed up for such a dangerous case.

Other reasons this episode seemed realistic to us were the scenes with Agents Alex Quinn and Nick Torres. In the first amusing scene, they’re trying to maintain a surveillance location without becoming too obvious. Their solution, to watch from a scummy bathroom in a nearby bakery, brought back many memories and some smiles for David. He was once on surveillance in a residential neighborhood when an elderly lady reported them to the police as being very suspicious. Having heard the call go out on their police scanner, David and the agents moved. Upon returning to the neighborhood after police left, they were spotted by the lady again. The surveillance had to be terminated because she called the police three times, and resorted to driving her car around the area searching for the agents. Far too much coffee has been drunk and burgers, fries, and even sugar donuts, as in tonight’s show, have been consumed on surveillance.

Overall, we felt the story line was excellent. The writers revealed how difficult it is to maintain an operative undercover as well as the inherent risks of an agent assuming another identity to track down the guilty. The relationship between characters is improving, but we thought Abby’s repeated marching on bubble wrap was a bit much. We offer that criticism with some trepidation, as we know she has a huge and vocal fan club.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you enjoy having the intrepid NCIS team back? The next episode airs on January 17th.

Blessings in the New Year, Diane and David Munson

Comment by Diane and David Munson on November 22, 2016 at 12:07am

The Art of the Squeeze

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite complained on October 18, 2016 that Russian President Putin’s placing of nuclear-capable offensive Iskander  (S-400) missiles in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, was intended to threaten European capitals as well as the Baltic region. While Vladimir Putin has moved defensive missile systems around the region, this is the first time he’s put offensive nuclear missiles in the enclave between Poland and Lithuania so close to European nations to the west.

Putin’s timing can’t be ignored. While President-elect Donald Trump is claiming he intends to have a cordial relationship with Putin and that he will be able to reason and negotiate with the Russian president, Putin has ensconced his missiles threatening Europe during the period following Trump’s election when he knows President Obama will do nothing and President-elect Trump lacks the authority to do anything. Will Trump be as successful with Putin as President Reagan was with Putin’s predecessors?

In the thrillers we write, we try to keep pace with current events and season our novels with tensions in the world around us. Those who have read our September 2016 release The Looming Storm will realize the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad sounds familiar. In our latest suspense novel, Federal Agent Eva Montanna is concerned for her seventeen-year-old daughter Kaley who is traveling on a Polish ferry in the Baltic Sea. Eva is shocked when Kaley comes face-to-face with Russian soldiers near Kaliningrad.

Here is a snippet of what we wrote several months ago as we realized Russia’s aggression would keep building: The male TV reporter’s voice wormed its way into Eva’s mind when he said, “Russia’s presence in Kaliningrad increases tensions in the region. Experts suggest today’s ferry seizure is an attempt by Russia’s president, who some say acts like a tsar, to control the Baltic shipping lanes.

We might as well begin writing our next novel about a fictional billionaire U.S. President’s relationship with a Russian leader. What will be the next move on the international chessboard?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson

ExFed Authors of High Velocity Suspense


Comment by Diane and David Munson on November 15, 2016 at 10:11pm

2016 Nov 15 NCIS Critique of “Home of the Brave”

By now you might have discovered that when there is a rerun on NCIS, we don’t write a critique. That’s because we’ve already written one when the episode appeared for the first time. Those critiques can be found in the archives of earlier episode on our website. For the last two weeks there has not been an NCIS episode that wasn’t a rerun. Last week there were election returns on Tuesday night, so this episode remained ‘in the can’. The week before that (when this episode would have been run) there was a World Series game on TV.  Television executives know better than to waste a never-before-seen episode on a night when their ratings will be down.


It was hard to escape all the political advertisements the preceded the November 8, 2016 election. Then there were the claims that many in ‘liberal media’ were trying to influence viewers in favor of their favorite candidate, or to denigrate the candidate they opposed. One of the positions taken by the Republican Presidential candidate was that he would deport persons who were illegally in the U.S. unlawfully. 


That being said, let’s look at tonight’s show, “Home of the Brave.” Though it aired tonight, keep in mind it was originally scheduled to air one week before the election. This show features a former Hispanic Marine Victor Medina who was brought to the U.S. as a child and served in the Marine Corps.  Now, because he was discovered to have committed a felony while in the Marine Corps, Immigration agents are going to deport him back to Mexico. Medina’s complaint to Agent’s Bishop and Torres is that he will be sent back to Mexico where he can’t even speak the language. As the drama unfolded, it seemed to us the writers decided to feature a political angle. Before we comment further about tonight’s episode, we ask the many perceptive viewers: does the original timing of this episode dealing with the hot-button issue of immigration just before the election, pass your smell test?


The imminent deportation of a Marine with a felony record was juxtaposed against an extremely weird sub-plot involving Agent Quinn’s dream about Gibbs knocking on wood. We won’t toy with your minds to even discuss that further. The appearance of Robert Wagner, who plays Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo’s father, provided the only redeeming aspect of an otherwise less than stellar program. He wants to lease Tony’s apartment to one of the “family.” It was really a hoot to see Abby, Tim, Ellie lobby to be selected. In a fun twist, Jimmy selects the Torres, which throws the others for a loop. Torres does something classy at the end, which will endear him to many fans.


We briefly looked up the issue of non-citizen military personnel being deported for crimes committed. While the Armed Forces claim they won’t admit unauthorized immigrants, several articles we read seemed to suggest several service branches were going to be initiating a fast-track citizenship program for those who serve.  


On a final note, the U.S. Marines just celebrated their 241st anniversary. Semper fi.


Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson


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