I don't quite know what I'm doing yet. Wait, that might be the story of my life. Anyone over the age of 54 please tell me I'm likely to feel accomplished or knowledgable about something at some point! The older I get the more I feel like I don't know. 

So since I feel clueless I apologize if I'm using this space inappropriately. 

What do you love to do besides read, or discuss the books you love? 

I love spending time with my grandkids. I adore these little puppies. Fun fact: My husband and I were grandchildless three years ago and now we have seven. Two of our kids are fostering. Our oldest and his wife have a six-year-old and three-year-old. My middle daughter adopted three of hers last May and brought a tiny baby home from the hospital in December. We hope he will be a permanent member of our family.  My daughter is single and felt the tug of God to love orphans in this way. She's got a Jesus heart like none other. Our youngest daughter and her 17-month-old moved in with us in November. I get a kid fix every single day. 

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I am right there with you in every way!!  I'm 61 and feel like I'm in between phases of life!  Working with the grandkids after school, I feel like I know nothing anymore! Like you, my daughter and family are foster parents, have adopted 2 children and still fostering babies.  They live next door to us so we are very involved in their lives and are able to love on all these babies that come through too!  We are so blessed!!  (& we have 2 dogs too!)

Seriously, I quit my job and we moved close (my hubbie can work from almost anywhere) to be a part of their lives and help them with the kids (two adopted have very difficult issues due to the brain issues from the drugs from their birth mamas)  So sad!

So, even though I'm not working full time which gives me a specific schedule and using my gift of service (mainly to pastors) we are in the season of doing this at this time.  At times it is very fulfilling and times I truly miss my working at church's.

You on the other hand, are an AUTHOR!!!  You bless so many others with using the talent that God has given YOU!  What a precious gift to share with others. I hope and pray that this will give you more meaning and fulfillment in your life!!

Thanks for joining this group and being willing to share your gifts with us!!!  I look forward to reading your books!!

Thanks, Talva. So cool to connect with you on this level. Goodness. Isn't is a HUGE blessing to watch your children step up to difficult, costly calls and be Jesus to people?!? I cannot even put into words (ha, Ha that's a big deal, hardly every run out of words) how proud I am of my kids and their obedience to the path God has called them to.

There is a payoff to be that involved and helping your kids and grandkids. But the fruit of your past obedience working with pastors has to be a blessing, and the fruit that is being tended right now in your kids and grandkids lives is going to be a powerful future blessing. Thanks for sharing your encouraging story and words. Give those little ones an extra hug today.

Hi Kelly,

I am still struggling to find my way around the new format we are using here! And it is definitely a struggle!! I read and reviewed your book last month. It was a fun book.

What do I do besides read? Everything! I mean, I am always busy.  I spend two days a week with my daughter and/or grandson, he is 20 months old and adorable! I spend way too much time on Facebook browsing around. I work very minimally (6 days a month) as a secretary at a very small Christian school where I have been involved for about twenty-five years. I do volunteer typing for my pastor. I run/organize our church kitchen and work crews for church meals such as funerals, special dinners, etc. I could go on and on, but you get the picture!

I have one child at home still, not that he is a child, he is a high school senior and I do NOT look forward to an empty nest!

Thanks for sharing, Mary. I'm so glad you enjoyed Out of the Frying Pan. Michelle and I were pretty excited about some of the reviews from our giveaway. 

I feel better that you have a little trouble with the format changes, makes me feel a little less like I have zero clue how to get around the forums. Ha. Ha. 

You have a great mix of ministry and activity going on. Empty nest is really interesting. From personal experience, if you and your husband haven't been doing date nights or have found yourselves pursing different hobbies or interests, find something to connect with together before college starts in the fall. Being on the same page with your husband makes it easier and more fun to be home alone together after years of kids in the house. The transition to an adult child coming back home has also been interesting for us. Thanks again. And nice to get to know you a little better.  

Hi, Everyone;

We are all new at this myself included. I was not supposed to have a comment wall set up for these groups. After a while it makes it hard to find things. This way in the discussion we can keep track of the discussions and people's comments. So, I copied everyone's comments here for all to enjoy. I deleted the Comment Wall. We will be using the Discussion pages to everyone can find what they are looking for in the future! Thanks for your patience as we learn together! Grin!


Comment by Kelly Klepfer on February 26, 2017 at 7:57am


Jacqueline! So happy to have your follow! How fun! 3 for 3 makes my day! 


Comment by Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild on February 24, 2017 at 11:32am


Dear Kelly: I have decided to follow you. You got me with the beagles as I have beagles in 2 of my books. And then the hedgehogs!!! And then Iowa as I listen to a  Cedar Rapids radio station on the way in to my tea room Her Majesty's every morning.  I haven't finished reading your note above but 54 is just a baby age yet and the best really is just around the corner! Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Estate of Mind, Her Majesty's English Tea Room, jgfairchild.wix.com,



Comment by Kelly Klepfer on February 24, 2017 at 8:17am


Trying again. Don't use that link. Use this one instead. http://fernandzula.blogspot.com/2017/02/money-money-moneymoooonnnnn... You will get to the Rafflecopter that way. 



Comment by Kelly Klepfer on February 24, 2017 at 8:10am


I threw together a Rafflecopter for the Amazon card and sent a message to all who have become members of the group. Here is the rafflecopter link. http://gvwy.io/oykti9a  The contest is open until 12:00 A.M. on the 15th of March. I'll send an e-card or virtual Amazon card to the winner shortly after he/she is announced. Thanks everyone!

Ha. Ha. Thanks, Nora. I think! I may be slightly more confused. But if it makes sense to everyone else I'll be golden eventually!

Sorry  for the confusion my friend and others. I didn't get the "Total" lesson on how to build these pages correctly until this week. YIKES! Ok, We're all good now. We will BOTH be learning. Thanks for going with the Flow friend! Grin!

Hi Kelly. I'm a new author here too and am in the "older" bracket  - sorry to say it doesn't get any better as far as figuring things out in this world! :) But my philosophy is keep on smiling and jump in anyway! :) Hope to be at the chat tonight. :) Marcia Laycock

I LIKE your philosophy Marcia!! Grin!

Hi Nora - can you tell me how to access the chat tonight please? Thanks. Marcia

Hi, Marcia;

I'm happy to do that. This link is also on the front page. http://www.bookfun.org/chat/index/popOutWindowV4 You can go there now and see all the people that are available to chat with now. It will be link a Group text fest. It will start at 8 pm Eastern Standard time. Hope you can be there. Now be prepared for crazy! and lots of FUN! Grin!

Oh, In order to TEXT you have to go to the BOTTOM of the screen There is a TEXT Box - White. Put your cursor there then type. Let me know if you can get it to work. On the top it says MAIN ROOM.



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