Here's a welcome to all the newbies to my author group.  I live in Arizona where it's been in the 90s all week.  (Love, love, love hot weather.) My cacti and palm trees are having a very good time. Come see me some time.  (Seriously. I mean it.)

Oh, by the way, I write mostly biblical historical novels. It takes me an average of 500 hours to research for each one. I don't want to "add to the Bible". My novels are what I call "commentaries in narrative form".

I like to provide a possible life for each Bible character as it may have been leading up to his appearance in the Bible.  What kinds of life experiences might have made him what he became?  

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Kathryn, we must be close to being neighbors! In the 90's in my part of AZ, too. I do hope for a bit of cooler weather before the 100's roll in. Looking forward to learning more about you and your novels in upcoming chats. I've been hesitant to read Biblical fiction as some have so many 'assumptions'. I will want to read some of yours now, seeing how well-researched yours are. Such a labor of love you have with each!

Are you in Tucson? I'm in Casa Grande.

I understand your  "so many assumptions".  I think it is good to check out the Bible account as well as historical records of the time - what were people thinking and doing socially, politically, nationally, etc. My best readers are the ones who check me out.  I try to both entertain and educate. Today's readers are intelligent and educated.

One man who read Paul wrote back and said, "Wow! Oh, wow!" He went on to say that he checked everything out and the only inaccuracy he saw is where I said Paul had been taught by Caiaphas.  I wrote back that, since Paul was a student at the temple for many years, I doubt Gamaliel was the only teacher he had - although Gamaliel was the most famous.  I guess we could say Caiaphas was the most infamous.

Looking forward to reading your books.  I like what you said about not adding to the Bible.

What I try to do is figure out "what makes them tick."  That done, I fit in possible events that might have made the character think and do as he did.  

After writing about Paul, I had a new respect for him.  Well, after writing about all my characters, I feel that way.

 Hi, Galinda. Where do you live?

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Okay, Vickie and Victoria. Send your addresses to me at



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