ABOUT BOOK: Fifteen-year-old Kari Rose discovers how much trouble she and her two sisters can get into when they stay at their ancient granny's for spring break. Granny gets a wild-haired notion at three in the morning, and she’s leaving with or without them. Kari makes the decision to take her sisters and ride with Granny in her old Cadillac on a five-hundred-mile-long trip north to visit family. Miles down the road, this harmless act finds Granny no longer able to drive, and Kari must take the wheel. Soon after, the four travelers are caught in a freeway-closing-down snowstorm which brings everyone and everything to a standstill. 

A second blizzard with catastrophic impact is about to descend upon them, and Kari must determine the best way to find shelter and beat the storm. Will Kari trust her gut instincts and rely upon a complete stranger to lead them to safety?


Road Trip of Delusion:

Deana Dick

Mary Hake


Winner for two postcards: Helen

Winner for the coffee mug: Connie Saunders

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Hi, Everyone I have a disclaimer for this month. Jean is excited about the new release and told me she also wanted to give away additional items. We got our wires crossed on the number of books being given away in June. I just confirmed with her that she will only be giving away 2 copies of her new book for June.

THANKS to all of you for encouraging Jean and requesting her new book. I know that she'll be giving away more copies of that book next month. THANKS for your PATIENCE with Us as we navigated Jean's new release and this contest.

No problem.

Okay, everybody. I blew it!!! I became confused as to how all this works. Because I offered more books than readers who wanted to read Road Trip, I need to give EVERYONE here a either PB or e-Copy. So, everyone is a winner for the book!

Please do send me your postal address if you wish a paperback or your Kindle address if you don't mind an e-Copy. Paperbacks will take almost three weeks at this point as my copies of Road Trip shipped this morning, and your books will ship book rate.

I'm so sorry, dear readers, for the confusion on my part. :))  

Hi, Jean. Just sent you my mailing address via e-mail. This looks like a very good book and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks!

I've got you down, Vickie! I'll receive the pb copies by the end of this week. Will book rate mail.

Thanks! Looking forward to reading it.

Hey, everyone. I just got news that my books have shipped today! I should get them by Friday, and if I do by then, I'll be mailing your copies on Monday, July 3rd. I truly appreciate each one of you for your interest in my stories. God bless you all and have a blessed Monday! :)

Good News Jean! Hooray! Doing the Snoopy dance with you.

Every time I think about this book I get a big lump in my throat. The story made me think of my grandmother and how much I miss her. She was a small woman much like granny in the story. She couldn't see over the steering wheel and had pillows she sat on. I loved how the author took us a journey with emotions and faith as stories were shared and memories were made.

Granny is determined to take a trip in her Caddy even though she shouldn't be driving anymore. Her granddaughters can't just let her go alone, so off they go at 3:00 am on a trip they will never forget. The author made me feel like I was in the car with them.i could fell the excitement Granny had until the car decided to stop running. I laughed as the group went to a restaurant to eat. Granny wanted to have pea soup and requested that each girl try some. I can see the looks of their faces as the first taste went into their mouth. I must say pea soup doesn't look appetizing and it is an acquired taste.

The best part of the book for me was when they were snowbound and found an empty lodge to seek shelter. That is when the depth of faith and love really showed. The gentle care the girls showed for their granny was real and made me realize how much they loved her. There are some comical moments in the book that had me laughing out loud. Granny talked about having to warsh something. I say warsh all the time and my kids are always correcting me. I grew attached to the characters and the author had me on edge while they were trapped at the lodge. The story is very well written and I loved how the author showed how important family and faith go hand in hand. This will be a book I will not forget. It gave me some good memories of my grandmother and how she loved to tell stories like Granny did with her granddaughters. Thank you for writing a book that reminds us about perseverance, faith and the importance of family.

I received a copy of this book from the author and The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion.

Thanks for the review Deana!

Deana Dick, thank you! I'm teary-eyed from your praise of Road Trip of Delusion! This review is what authors hope to hear for each of their stories. :)) And thank you so much for entering your review in four sites. 


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