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Man Quest

By Mike McCormick

Transforming boys into men of courage, honor and integrity.Just about every culture teaches their young boys what it means to be a man, except Western society. Most men have an innate hunger to teach boys the true essence of manhood but just don’t know where to start or what to say. Man Quest provides a perfect starting point for an adult man to engage a son (or mentee) in the most pivotal discussion of his life – what it truly means to be a man.

Man Quest puts a step-by-step approach to transforming boys into men of courage, honor and integrity into the hands of fathers and male mentors. With biblical wisdom and practical advice, Mike McCormick has captured six essential "Guideposts" designed to bring fathers and sons together on a life-changing spiritual quest. Dads (or mentors) work through interactive questions, movie nights, and creative activities with boys. Man Quest concludes with Rugged Truths Every Man Must Know – a dose of tough love that pulls no punches. Hands-on help, teaching tips, and complete agendas for celebration weekends make the journey to manhood fulfilling... and fun!

Phred: "I read this workbook and highly recommend it." 

Mike McCormick asks us a question for this week and the winners of 10 of the work books will be chosen out of these discussions by him before the end of the month. More importantly, this is a question I can't wait to see the answers to!

Question: There's never been a more difficult & dangerous time to be a teenager in our society.  How should we best equip our teens to make the successful journey into adulthood?

The winners are:


Laura Pol

Jennifer Fromke

Carla Swerman

Cheri Swalwell

Angela Riley

Living for God

Sherri Myers

Debbie Taulman

Tima Murell

Congratulations and thank you all for participating.

There is a review in this month's magazine by the way, written by the Passionate Spouse column. 

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Never hide things from them let them be aware of it but also teach them to stay away from those things that are not good. We bought our sons up in church and a great book for teaching them is the Bible. Would love to read your book.

I love your approach....there's no better way to teach about how to live a Godly life than to openly share what you've experienced in your own life and to point to the scriptures for great illustrations.  These are the ultimate teachers for your kids and you are right on.

I think establishing an open dialogue of communication with our children from when they are little is one of the most important things we can do. Actually listening and weighing their words and feelings as being important helps foster trust  and communication. My parents NEVER treated me as if what I felt or what I was going through mattered when I was growing up and because of that I didn't trust them enough to come to them about anything--ever. I don't want my kids to feel that way about me or my husband.

I totally resonate with your childhood.  I too felt like the invisible child in my family.  I didn't trust and I learned not to share what I was feeling.  It took me many years to get beyond this.  You're right...these patterns are developed at an early age and simply listening is so huge!  I love your words "weighing their words and feelings as important".  You are setting an amazing foundation with your kids....congrats!

The successful journey into manhood is not so much in what is said but in what is demonstrated in the lives of moldable young men. Whether or not a father is present is not always as crucial as having a constant mentor that a young man can confide in to share his concerns and feel the liberty to pour out his heart. Whether mentor or father, it must be one of impeccable character that can demonstrate unconditional love through the vicissitudes of life. As a public school teacher for many years there seems to be no in between; young men are either confused and angry or have an adequate self esteem and vision for the future.

I agree...every teenage boy needs a male mentor to look up to.  He needs somebody that's going to show him the way and you are correct....actions speak much louder than words.  If the job description for mentor was somebody with "impeccable character" I'm not sure how many of us would qualify.  What I find is that every young man needs somebody that believes in him.  Larry Crabb once said there are three messages that every man needs to hear (regardless of age):  1) It can be done 2) You have what it takes 3) I am right there with you along the way.  If any young man has somebody who thinks they are worthy of his time and my opinion, that's half the battle.

Sounds terrific! Would love to have it for my husband to use with our newly fatherless (by legal separation) grandson. Will keep a watch out for this!


Your husband has an incredible opportunity to pour his life into this young grandson.  I pray that he will step into the void and take him on the Man Quest!  In just 24 hours time, your husband can give your grandson the road map toward manhood.  There's no better gift a man can give!

I believe giving the best role model as we can is the best way to nurture the youths and teenage to grow

Being a good role model is huge!  It's a good first step but I believe that we need to use our own words, experiences and emotions to actively teach our youngsters what "life to the full" looks like.  In my experience the role model thing only gets you so far.  I tried being a good role model for my kids but realized there are so many other influences out there that was capturing their attention.  Nowadays I think we can't be so subtle...we need to be actively communicating and helping to interpret life for our kids while their unformed teenage brains are developing.  It's a crazy world out there and only getting crazier.  You are correct.....we first need to walk the walk and talk the talk.   

We need to train them up to know that the Church is the place to be and why we feel that way.  Always being there for them even when they mess up and others disown their children.  I think Dads need to take a more prominent roll and not just Mothers. 

I agree....unconditional love is so huge.  It doesn't mean you always agree with their choices but they know you are always there for them.  Thank goodness for the love of steady and unconditional.  Man Quest is a call for dads to get out of their lazy boys and actively step into the lives of their sons.  Our boys are crying out for their fathers and male mentors to pass on their masculine energy to the next generation. Our daughters need fathers to show them what real strength and godly power looks like. 


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